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How many times have you read or watched a video, of women pleading other women to believe, empower and support other women in their work and also socially?

I have.. and a lot..

Women have a tendency to be a little bit more jealous than men, and some women might even prefer to have male employees, colleagues and bosses. We always seem to find something bad about our women managers and colleagues. She’s too hard, she too leniant, she’s too emotional, too strict, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she has preferences, she’s not as good as the other male manager….and so and so on.. It’s embarrasing sometimes.

I do need to mention that it is not everyone that does that, and with so many social media accounts empowering women and letting them know they are a force of nature, and able to do and accomplish anything they set their minds to, it’s not all negative.

So I want to focus this blog on the positive side of the spectrum.

Be happy that you have women employees, women managers, women ambassadors and influencers. If you want to be one, work hard and you’ll reach your target. You will not reach anything if you keep on focusing yourself on being negative on certain women that have worked hard to be doing what they are doing. You’ll just be losing time. The time and effort spent on doing that, could be time spent focusing and working on yourself.

Everyone has those moments were they see someone making it big and bigger, getting promoted, getting a lot of followers and so on. We all stop and see what do they have or do that makes them look more successfull…and it’s ok to do that. But see what they are doing that might be better than what you are doing, see what they had to do, how hard they had to study, work and do extra things to achieve that promotion, and apply it to you. Don’t make the mistake of doing exactly what they did, because everyone is an individual and everyone is very different. If you focus on doing everything the same as one person, then there is a very high percentage that you will not be as succesful.

I am not saying anything new here, and I am definitely not an influencer, however, I do think that sometimes, even though we know something, we need to hear it again and re-convince ourselves, that if we support other people, and be happy with other’s success, we will find more time to focus on making ourselves better, and even helping other women in the long run!

Take care everyone and remember to let others shine so that you can shine on your own.