New Year’s Resolutions ( here we go…)

It’s that time again…..

… to reflect and see what you want to improve from your life, your health, your friends, family, work, career and so much more. You write down lists of how you will lose those 15 pounds you have wanted to lose all of this year, but didn’t achieve, even though you have it written down for this year’s resolution. But this year…this is definitely the year, you can feel it. Something new. A new start. A new beginning. But is it really? The only new thing is a new number of year on the calendar.

So why do we wait for a new year to act upon something? And how much do you keep it for an entire year, or all through the years? Reflecting monthly or every few months would make your resolution that much better. Be honest. How many times through the year do you go through your list and see which ones you are achieving and which ones you are lagging on? And if you are really waiting on a new year to try and be better in the things you want to achieve or be, then how are you defining your resolutions? How you think and write them also makes a huge difference.

It is very normal to wait for new dates to start something; it’s basically human nature. You wait for a Monday to cut down your carbs, start excercising, read for 15 minutes. But if it’s Thursday today, why not start 4 days before instead of waiting for a new week. You tell yourself you are going to start that online course you have been wanting to do and it’s the 3rd week of the month, but you wait for the 1st day and the 1st week of the next month? Why?

You probably see, the past few days after Christams and until the New Year, people do less, and wait anxiously for the New Year to start achieving their resolutions and targets, only to be lost a few weeks or months later. Social Media Influencers ask their followers, what are your resolutions, what do you want to change for next year? Of course, it’s all in good spirits, and there is nothing bad in setting new goals for the new year. But if you are going to set them, maybe try and go about it a little bit different this year.

Instead of saying “I want to lose 15 pounds”, say, “I want to reduce the daily intake of (for example) chocolate, and aim to do something healthy 5x a week.” This could be, doing a home workout for 7 minutes one day, an hour walk the next day, going to the gym the next, playing and running with your dog the next, and so on. The aim is to build that habit, which normally becomes one, after 21 days of doing it. It doesn’t mean doing the same things every day, but it means doing things to achieve that goal every day. After 3 weeks, you will want to do more and keep it going. If you go extreme and say ” I am going to the gym every day for 2 hours and I am not eating chocolate at all”, then you are kind of being a little bit unrealistic, cause life happens, and with it, all its deadlines, work, sudden pressures, life surprises; whether good or bad and so much more. You might go to the gym 2hrs per day for the first few days or even weeks if you are so strong and determined, but then there is that weekend away you want to go with your friend, and then you get sick for 4 days, then there is that big project you have been working on and you won’t go to the gym at all. Start small and don’t make unrealistic goals.

If you want to start reading more,or you have completly stopped reading, instead of saying “I need to read for 30 minutes everyday”, say, “I want to finish 1 book a month, or read for an hour a week, and you will have time to achieve it with no problems.

If you really want to spend more time with friends, and everyone is so busy with their life, talk it out and plan for once a month to meet up. Set a date so no one plans anything on that day and when you meet, set a date for the next month. If you live too far away make it every 2 or 3 months, or even plan to have a group conversation online with video and wine once a month. The possibilities nowadays, thanks to technology, are endless.

If you would like to get that promotion, or even change your work and take a new route, set the big picture as your end goal, but you need to be writing and developing plans on how to execute those things and slowly progress or make sure you ace that interview.

I wish you all the luck in 2019, ad be wise about your decisions and resolutions. I thank you all for having followed me for the 1st year of my blog and vlog pages, and hope to bring you even better contect in the next year!! To your health and happiness – 2019- Cheers!

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Your next Food Hotspot covered

Why Avotaco is the place to be (eat)

Whenever I come to Malta between my work assignements, I always love it. Firstly, because it’s my home country and it’s an awesome place to be in, and secondly, because there are always a lot of new restaurants, hangouts, bars and cafes that open, that I like to go and checkout. I like to taste the variety of foods, new dishes, lovely cool decor, trends and their service and friendliness. Avotaco hit all of these.

I had never been to their Food truck before, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Situated in a great location, I quickly found parking and headed over inside to order. I love salads and opted for that, with a side of guac and chips. Mmmmm yummy! And yummy it was. The food is so fresh, it was as if they had just picked up the veg that very moment. My friend had the burrito and it was spectacular and extremely filling.

I went at a relatively calm time, but because you check the menu and go to order at the counter, its extremely easy and fast. And no cash. Love it. No wasting time finding your cash, waiting for the change… who has time for that nowadays. Only Cards are accepted at Avotaco and it’s genius. More and more restaurants should follow today’s trend, were everything is on card.

The management and the staff were all so welcoming and friendly and genuinely happy that we were eating and enjoying our time there. Even the chef came out to play, and the sombrero came out! yayayaayay!!

Whether you go for lunch and order for your colleagues, just yourself, eat there for dinner or order so that you don’t need to cook, Avotaco sure comes in handy and delicious. If you wanna eat where there are positive vibes, smiles all around, and everyone gulping down their beautiful dish, then Avotaco is the place to be. Well done guys on your initiative to take it to the next level and I will surely visit again when I’m back on the rock!

Have an avotalicious day peeps!

Ciao for now

Captain Falzon

Empowering Women

Business and Relationships

Women Empowering Women

How many times have you read or watched a video, of women pleading other women to believe, empower and support other women in their work and also socially?

I have.. and a lot..

Women have a tendency to be a little bit more jealous than men, and some women might even prefer to have male employees, colleagues and bosses. We always seem to find something bad about our women managers and colleagues. She’s too hard, she too leniant, she’s too emotional, too strict, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she has preferences, she’s not as good as the other male manager….and so and so on.. It’s embarrasing sometimes.

I do need to mention that it is not everyone that does that, and with so many social media accounts empowering women and letting them know they are a force of nature, and able to do and accomplish anything they set their minds to, it’s not all negative.

So I want to focus this blog on the positive side of the spectrum.

Be happy that you have women employees, women managers, women ambassadors and influencers. If you want to be one, work hard and you’ll reach your target. You will not reach anything if you keep on focusing yourself on being negative on certain women that have worked hard to be doing what they are doing. You’ll just be losing time. The time and effort spent on doing that, could be time spent focusing and working on yourself.

Everyone has those moments were they see someone making it big and bigger, getting promoted, getting a lot of followers and so on. We all stop and see what do they have or do that makes them look more successfull…and it’s ok to do that. But see what they are doing that might be better than what you are doing, see what they had to do, how hard they had to study, work and do extra things to achieve that promotion, and apply it to you. Don’t make the mistake of doing exactly what they did, because everyone is an individual and everyone is very different. If you focus on doing everything the same as one person, then there is a very high percentage that you will not be as succesful.

I am not saying anything new here, and I am definitely not an influencer, however, I do think that sometimes, even though we know something, we need to hear it again and re-convince ourselves, that if we support other people, and be happy with other’s success, we will find more time to focus on making ourselves better, and even helping other women in the long run!

Take care everyone and remember to let others shine so that you can shine on your own.